Friday, April 15, 2005

Missing Palm Springs

No Hannity. No Rush. No Colmes. And no Ted Kennedy (thanks for emailing me Mark), though I would buy the senior Senator from Massachusetts a drink for peering down my wife's shirt when she interviewed him once (during her days at the Quincy Patriot Ledger). As I told Dawn then, "Hon, he's a Kennedy and he has a heartbeat. What did you expect?" I got even by spying Rep. Loretta Sanchez's toe cleavage during a meeting a former company of mine had with her two years ago (now where is thast photo of Loretta and I?).

Many thanks to our friends the Greenman's for hosting us at their condo/timeshare. Our boys get along so well together.

What a blast.


Blogger Mark said...

Dan, you do know that I have to put your line in my Kennedy sig quote file. :-)

7:58 PM  

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